Macaroni Kid (Snoqualmie Valley – Issaquah): Parent with a Purpose: Meet Sarah Hawes Kimsey

What is your PURPOSE? What do you want to accomplish?
I was looking for a way to bring community together after such a divisive election.  My desire was not to focus so much on politics, but on the health and well-being of my marginalized neighbors.  I grew up in a neighborhood that brought each other casseroles during tough times; I wanted my neighbors to know that this support still exists regardless of religion, gender identity, disability, political views, etc.   I felt strongly that we, as a society, have to figure out how to work to move forward with out so much vitriol.  How to pick up the pieces after a difficult election season.
What inspired/encouraged you to create Plateaupians For Peace? 
November 9th I woke up and felt drained, defeated and worried about the future.  At about noon, I couldn’t take it anymore and I needed a hug.  I put it out on a neighborhood board, that anyone who needed a hug could come meet up.  That night we had 30-40 people show up.  From that initial meeting, we formed a Facebook group that gained traction rather quickly.  The group decided to meet again that Saturday and twice the number of people participated, mostly all strangers.  We lit candles, we talked, we cried, we sang. Many of us just needed to regain our sense of community and try to figure out how to move forward.  Now we are 530 members and growing everyday.


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