Kate Gordon: “What I do struggle with is the onslaught of the holiday on my senses that begins right around Halloween and continues through January. I walk into a store and see decorations. I hear Christmas songs on the sound system. The holiday parties that are held at my children’s school are full of what I consider “Christmas” activities…

But…This is a major holiday for the majority of our country. And who am I to say that it must be reined in because of how it makes ME feel. Because my friends feel the same dilemma when wondering if they would offend me by sending me a card. Which brings us back to the dreaded “holiday card”. After pondering on why it would be inappropriate to send one to your Jewish friends, I come to one conclusion….Bring ‘em on!” Read More

Celebrating Diwali


Archana Sunil: “There are many stories to share about why Hindus celebrate Diwali or Deepavali (Row of lamps)….Whatever the story behind each family’s Diwali, there is one thread that runs through all of them. Like many other Hindu festivals, Diwali celebrates the victory of good words, thoughts and actions over evil; the victory of light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance.” Read more

Plateaupians for Peace Hosts Vigil Against Hate

August 14, 2017: With other residents of Sammamish, we gathered together peacefully to stand up againstW the hate that we witnessed in Charlottesville over the weekend. We stand together to honor those injured and killed because they chose to stand up for their belief that hate has no place in our world.


KIRO7 NEWS: Vigil in wake of violence at Charlottesville
Screenshot 2017-08-14 20.50.56


Press Release

Plateaupians for Peace Now a Nonprofit

Sammamish, WA
July 13, 2017:

Plateaupians for Peace, a Sammamish-based group founded with a mission to promote a united, supportive and inclusive community, is pleased to announce its status as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Plateaupians for Peace was founded last December by Sammamish residents Sarah Hawes Kimsey, Elizabeth Faaland and Kate Gordon in response to the divisive election results of November 2016.

“We wanted to bring together residents of Sammamish and the surrounding areas to encourage inclusion and support of all citizens,” said Sarah Hawes Kimsey. “By organizing free and low-cost events, we hope to form connections across cultures, religious beliefs and political affiliations.”

The first event organized by the women, a 19-bus caravan to the Womxn’s March on Seattle in January, transported nearly 1,000 marchers from Sammamish, Issaquah and Bellevue to Seattle’s Central District. Recently the group worked with other Sammamish residents to provide household goods for refugees and brought people together to learn about Ramadan from their Muslim neighbors. They also worked closely with PFLAG of Bellevue/Eastside to create a Gender & Sexualities Alliance group for the youth of Sammamish.

The women are excited to advance their work as a nonprofit, continuing to make their community a more inclusive, generous and understanding place. Those who are interested in supporting their work are invited to join their Facebook group and make a tax-deductible donation via their website at


P4P Event: Stories from Around the World: EUROPE
July 16, Sunday at 1:30 PM – 3 PM
Sammamish Library, 825 228th Ave SE, Sammamish, Washington 98075


Our stories around the world event continues in July!!

On July 16th we will once again be sharing stories, food and lifestyles from around the world, this time focusing on Europe! Travel with us without leaving the library. Enjoy stories, family-friendly presentations and hands-on experiences!

Plateaupians for Peace (Neighbours Without Borders subcommittee) and the Sammamish community celebrate Ramadan Iftar dinner with the local Muslim community at Pine Lake Community Center, Sammamish, WA on June 16, 2017.

The event was also attended by Sammamish Mayor Don Gerend, City Councilors Ramiro Valderrama and Christy Malchow. Read Issaquah Reporter coverage of our event –  Celebrating unity and love | Sammamish residents gather for traditional Ramadan dinner by Nicole Jennings:

Ramadan is celebrated by Muslims throughout the world for one month every year to honor the revelation of the Quran to the prophet Muhammad. Every day during Ramadan, Muslims are expected to fast during daylight hours (including abstaining from water), until the sun goes down. After sundown, Muslims gather together to share a meal known as Iftar. It is this special, communal meal that was celebrated at the community center. Yasmine Abeldayem, who helped organize the dinner, said that the local Muslim community had been wanting to share an Iftar dinner with the non-Muslim community for years to share their cultures with one another, but she never knew how to organize such an event. “We thought it would be amazing to break those boundaries while breaking bread,” Abeldayem said. It was the creation of a local peace and tolerance activist group, Plateaupians for Peace, that provided Abeldayem and her friends with an outlet through which to organize an Iftar gathering. Abeldayem co-chairs a sub-committee of Plateaupians called “Neighbours Without Borders” (spelled with a u because some of its members come from British commonwealth countries that use this spelling). The committee’s mission is to unite people from all of the different cultures in Sammamish and help people learn about one another’s backgrounds. “We all come from different places, but we have the same heart,” said Neighbours Without Borders Co-Chair Hayley Gudgin, who emigrated to the Seattle area from the U.K.

Read more

P4P Event: Stories from Around the World: ASIA
June 11, Sunday at 1:30 PM – 3 PM

Sammamish Library, 825 228th Ave SE, Sammamish, Washington 98075

Our first presentation in a series of global stories! Travel with us without leaving the library. Enjoy stories, family-friendly presentations and hands-on experiences, a continent at a time!

Happy Ramadan Greetings

Read Plateaupians for Peace member Yasmine Abdeldayem’s perspective on Ramadan: “HAPPY RAMADAN GREETINGS”“For observers oimg_4976f Ramadan, this voluntary self-deprivation is the best reminder of all the blessings we have in life. We often take for granted blessings such as being able to reach for a cold glass of clean water wherever we feel the need, or making a mid-day drive-through run to Starbucks. Being freed from the constant thought of feeding the body frees up one’s mind and soul to what’s most important — being truly present. “ Read more

Save the date! June 27th. More info to come.
Canceled for now, but will be rescheduled. Stay tuned.

What is the relationship between religion and human rights? Does organized religion recognize and promote the idea of rights, or does it undermine it? Is the cause of human rights better off with or without religion in the world? In this lecture, Dr. Smith will focus on Christianity and Islam, but also will reflect briefly on other religions and on atheism.

View video from “Civil Disagreement” event

Sarah Kimsey
Elizabeth Faaland
Dr. David E Smith

Civil Disagreement:
presented by Plateaupians for Peace

Thursday, March 30 at 6:30 PM – 8 PM
Good Samaritan Episcopal Church, Sammamish, WA
1757 244th Ave NE, Sammamish, Washington 98074

SARAH KIMSEY: Completely ecstatic to announce the first Plateaupians For Peace sponsored event! We had a little money leftover from the bus charter and decided to spend it right back in the community! Please RSVP to this FREE event about how to disagree! Share, share, share!!!

“In our increasingly polarized political environment, how can we have civil discussions with those whom we have profound disagreements? Learn from Dr. David E. Smith how to have meaningful, civil conversations with others, by building bridges and not walls between ourselves and with whom we disagree.”

The lecture is approximately an hour with 30 minutes of small group discussion to follow.

Come at 6 pm to mingle with other Plateaupians! Lecture starts at 6:30!


We are always so amazed by the generosity of this community, and this is why we are coming to you with a request to help refugee families in the greater Seattle area.

Please consider donating your gently used kitchen items or select items from our Amazon wishlist to help a recently arrived family feel at home. (Please no scratched non-stick pans). We will be collecting these items at the addresses provided below from 2/23 until 3/15. Please leave them on the porch and we will deliver the items to the families. Much appreciation to all of our caring community members.

 Amazon Wish List

Contact individuals for drop off locations:
North Sammamish: Sarah Hussein Kimsey
Central Sammamish: Alexandra Myers Toepke
South Sammamish: Pam Yates

You can also bring items to the Women’s March Decompression Potluck on Saturday!

Women’s March Decompression Potluck

Saturday, February 25 at 2 PM – 5 PM
2238 236th Ave NE, Sammamish, WA 98074

Emotions can take a dive about a month after a huge event. Let’s decompress together, celebrate what we accomplished and if you’re up for it, talk about what you want to accomplish and how we can help! Hosted by Plateaupians For Peace. This is a drop-in, anytime between 2-5pm. Please bring a Potluck dish to share. Kids are welcome. You ARE encouraged to wear your Women’s March merchandise, (tasteful) costumes, pussy hats, pins, etc.

Please RSVP. Hope you can come meet with committee leads, get motivated and keep moving forward!


Click to view photos, videos, and remembrances of a historic American event

screenshot-2017-02-16-21-52-40Refugee Women Warm Welcome Group

Wednesday, February 22 at 12 PM – 1 PM
Victor’s Celtic Coffee Co
7993 Gilman St, Redmond, Washington 98052

A member of P4P would like to set up a friendship group for refugee women. This would likely include setting up some sort of tea or lunch and a support network to welcome women who may feel isolated and lonely. This group is meeting Wednesday, February 22nd at noon, at Victor’s Coffee in Redmond ( to hash out ideas on how we can reach refugee women and help them to get situated.